Research Assistants

        James Dickinson



         Gerallynn Eusebio


Mikayla Fayo

Alexa Feiner

Haley Haner

Patrick McGuire

Melissa Mercado

Nicholas Nolan

Amy O’Leary

Alyssa Reese

Ryan Rondinaro


Jacquelyn Stoebe is a fourth year undergraduate student in the Honors College pursuing a double major in Psychology and Speech and Hearing Science. After graduation, she plans to pursue a Master’s degree in Communicative Disorders and Sciences with the goal of licensure as a speech-language pathologist. Jacquelyn has been interested in music from a young age, with over ten years of experience on the clarinet. Currently, she plays the bass clarinet in the UB Concert Band. The APAL lab is her first research experience and she is excited to contribute to the field of music psychology.


Sarah Teh is a passionate final-year psychology undergraduate from Singapore who is hoping to pursue music therapy in the near future. Her main instruments are her voice and the keyboard, and she hopes to learn how music can be used as a clinical intervention for cognition and emotion.