Graduate Students


Tim A. Pruitt is a Ph.D. student in cognitive psychology. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Radford University with a major in psychology and a minor in anthropology. He then obtained a Master’s degree in general-experimental psychology from Appalachian State University. During his previous graduate studies he spent time working in Dr. Kenneth Steele’s Music Perception Laboratory examining psychoacoustic attributes of timbre as well as methodological issues in timbre research. Tim’s current research with APAL investigates the relationship between perception and production across music and language behaviors. He also conducts comparative research with Dr. Micheal Dent which examines auditory perception in the Budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulates) and Zebra Finch (Taeniopygia guttata) bird species. Tim is currently developing psychophysiological recording experience related to auditory evoked potentials and is actively honing his teaching abilities related to Psychological Statistics as well as other courses offered at the University at Buffalo. To view Tim’s CV, click here.


Emma Greenspon is a PhD student in cognitive psychology. She received her bachelor’s of science at the University of Richmond where she conducted research on word expertise in Dr. Bukach’s cognitive neuroscience lab. Music has also been a large part of her life since childhood. She has participated in concert bands as well as symphony orchestras playing both the violin and saxophone. Being a member of the Auditory Perception and Action lab allows her to combine her interests of music, psychology and language research. Currently she is working on a project with Dr. Pfordresher and in collaboration with Dr. Halpern from Bucknell University that investigates the role auditory imagery plays in poor pitch singing. She is also starting a project in collaboration with Dr. Caroline Palmer from McGill University that will assess whether preferred rates (self-imposed, comfortable rates of production) are: 1. consistent within a given task, 2. related within a domain, and 3. related across domains. She will also be working with Dr. Chis McNorgan, another cognitive faculty member at the University at Buffalo, to gain experience with fMRI methodology and analysis. You can learn more about Emma at her personal website.


Karen Chow joined the Auditory Perception and Action Lab in 2015 as a PhD student in cognitive psychology. She received her B.S. in cognitive science and B.A. in music from UC San Diego, M.M. in piano performance from Boston University, and MSc in music, mind & brain from Goldsmiths, University of London. Previously, she worked with Dr. Daniel Müllensiefen on assessing latent absolute pitch, as well as assisting Dr. Sarah Creel with eye-tracking projects examining online processing of melody recognition. Her experience as a pianist and music teacher drives her current research interests in auditory effects on motor planning in performance.


Paul Kovacs is currently pursuing an MA in Psychology and is in his second year. His interests within psychology include auditory perception and cognition. Paul’s musical background includes playing clarinet for eight years, of which three years were spent as concert-master. He was a singer in the all-county chorus and as a part of this performed at Kleinhans Music Hall. Although Paul no longer plays clarinet or sings, he is still active musically through producing electronic music and playing guitar.