HITTING ALL THE RIGHT NOTES – UB Reporter interviews Dr. Pfordresher on his involvement designing the Seattle Singing Accuracy Protocol, a battery of tests aimed at evaluating one’s own singing accuracy.

DR. PETER PFORDRESHER AND SINGING ACCURACY – A look at how the Seattle Singing Accuracy Protocol could help music educators.

podcast_square-300x300ARTVOICE PODCAST – A podcast interview with Dr. Pfordresher and the lab on our research into poor pitch singing.

TONE DEAFNESS AND BAD SINGING MAY NOT GO HAND IN HAND – Are bad singers truly tone deaf? Scientific American summarizes recent work from our lab.

INVESTIGATING MUSIC AND THE MIND – Meet Dr. Pfordresher and learn about his interest in music psychology.

ZEIT ONLINE – Research on group singing was featured in the German magazine DIE ZEIT. You can read the English translation here.

THE TUNE WRECKERS – Science News features our work on poor pitch singing